1. Guests are required to show a valid ID.
  2. The total amount of the stay must be paid at the check in.
  3. It's not allowed the entrance in the bed and breakfast of other persons.
  4. The check in is after 2 pm and the check out is before 10 am.
  5. Breakfast is between 7,30-10 am
  6. It's not allowed the use of the kitchen
  7. Smooking is not allowed.
  8. After 11 pm silence is required.
  9. Lock your room and the entrance door everytime you leave the bed and breakfast.
  10. Every damage must be refunded.
  11. Give back the keys at the end of your stay
  12. Turn off the lights and don't use water if you don't need it. Help the planet and save energy and water!


N.B. Si declina ogni responsabilità per lo smarrimento, furto o danneggiamento di oggetti di vostra
proprietà lasciati nelle camere.
Vi ringraziamo per aver scelto la nostra  struttura e vi auguriamo un sereno e felice soggiorno.