Vegans eat a variety of delicious foods including fruits, vegetables, cereals, chickpeas ,beans and much more . Find out the thousands of delicious recipes on the internet.
Being vegan doesn't mean that you avoid certain ingredients in your food. It means that you do as much as you can to reduce the pain .

The easiest and direct way , and athe end the only one .. , to avoid to be accomplice in the animals pain and death in the slaughterhouse – that are sensistive and smart like your cat or dog – is not eating animal products ( meat, fish, eggs, milk ,cheese) in order to reduce and ,little by little, to lift the slaughterhouse for good.

Quite apart from our life style ,habits, opinions life style, ; everyone can decide to fulfil a pitful , human and empathic act towards animals : choose to live without cause pain to others is the highest expression of our human being.

Become vegan is a personal choise , because when you decide to do it , you have the power , by ourselves , to save animals life ,without the others' help or laws. It's the most power choise that you can do ! For the animals, for the environment, for the poorest poplutations …and for your health

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